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Superb technology created Longrui Machinery’s brand today,
Care pack pre-sale, while-sale and after-sale service strive to customer’s satisfaction!

High-quality products and efficient service would bring free worry to you!

The company has a professional service team with skilled technical and noble character, which is ready to offer the customers with high-quality services to meet the needs of them.
1. Pre-sale service
 ◆ Answer customer’s queries timely and patiently, explain the production’s performance and characteristics for customers fervently.
    ◆ In pre-market, we can provide detailed product description and the electronic directory, recommend suitable models according to customer’s materials handling requirements and make a detailed quotation. We also can provide videos about production workshops and the condition of machine running for customers to watch.
 ◆ According to the information offered by customers, provide customers with purchase selection service and account invest costs and returns for the customers.   
2. While-sale service
 ◆ Provide free field installation, debugging, technical guidance and operational training to customers;
3. After-sale service
    ◆ Reply treatment program within a quarter of an hour
 ◆After receiving customer’s service notification, depart to the scene to solve the problem in two hours;
 ◆ Establish perfect service files, do telephone interviews or specialist visits regularly, track equipment usage, closely coordinate with the user to achieve optimum working condition; provide recommendations of equipment daily maintenance.
    ◆ Establish a perfect system to supply spare parts and a security system of after-fitting market.
    ◆ During the guarantee period, offer a regular service to the production and offer life maintenance services to the whole machine.
 ◆ There are all kinds of construction machinery parts, wearing parts and imported parts to meet the customer’s demand.
5、Installation and Commissioning

The equipments in whole machine that need installation and commissioning are as following:

The installation and commissioning to after-sale product is basic content of after-sale service, the continuation of marketing efforts, an important step to ensure the normal operation of equipment, and the reflection of highly response to you.
During the installation and commissioning, experienced technicians and engineers would be sent to the site to make proper installation and commission for your equipment.
During the commissioning, please give recognition and acceptance of your equipment’s performance and parameter.
During the commissioning, after-sale staff would give you a detail introduction of the using knowledge, notice points, security considerations, product service system and parts supply system, repair system of the equipment.