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    Service Introduction

In modern society, we need service everywhere including the first industry, the second industry and the third industry, in which the intensity of services is gradual strengthening as well as the range is boardening. With the continued development of the market economy, the service should not be ignored. People’s awareness of services has gradually improved. Now the concept of service has been generalized, the range of services has been increasingly expanded .The company's services business has been defined according to a international-class brand.

Our company solemnly promise that the hot-line responses for the whole day no matter whenever, wherever and whatever. And we would go to the service locations right away to provide comprehensive pre-sale, while-sale and after-sale services. ( Chinese mainland)

一、Service concept
Treat the customer as the center to create customer value.
二、Service strategy
Reduce customer’s psychological costs and using costs by differential and valuable services. Finally to increase customer’s delivered value, profitability and purchasing ability.
三、Service commitments
Service engineers are on call for 24 hours. After receiving the customer’s demand, our company will proceed to serve you within 2 hours. Before finish dealing with the faults, the service engineers could not leave without the customer’s permission.
四、Service guarantee
professional technology attentive service peaceful using
◆Sale and after-sales service cover all regions in China
◆Experienced service engineers are ready to offer you with efficient and caring services.
◆Rapid, accurate and professional services ensure the device operate efficient and create the maximum value for customers.
◆We have machine equipment regular tour services to provide users with recommendations of timely routine maintenance equipment.
◆Perfect service parts supply system to bring you greater ease.
五、Service Project
To give you a better use of our products, we will provide you with the following services:
1、Training for free: Operating, maintaining, maintenance staff and product debugging.
2、Providing you with mechanical engineering technology support,Consulting service, Parts solution program for free;
3、Complete spare parts supply system; Continue to provide the original genuine parts; Imported parts; Maintenance parts; Consumable parts.
4、Provide product manual that including product operation content and so on;
5、We will provide boot acceptance report for the whole set equipment: When you receive the production, please collaborate the after-sale staff in our company to finish the boot acceptance work promptly; and then you could use the product.